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“This Yoga retreat changed my life! I came home a different person and with several new sisters. Not only am I relaxed and refreshed but I feel there is so much life has to offer that I was missing before – I only have to reach out to get it. Marlee and Barbie enabled an environment of non-competition, love and caring for each of the other women…

…As well as caring for ourselves. All of us were from different backgrounds, ages from 20 to 71 (71 – that’s me) with all different interests, careers, home situations and ability to do Yoga.  At the daily healing circle we learned about our Chakras and we shared our personal histories, feelings and issues.  I must admit that I cried a lot (this I totally did not expect; I never cry). It was so wonderful I cannot describe it.  I came home full of love, feeling wonderful and ‘soft’ (if that is a way one can feel).  I love all of my new sisters, and I love everyone around me and I love myself.  This is the really big change.  I do love myself and I can even say it.  I have so much to learn and to give and to share.  I never understood this before.- Carol Grosh


“I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful experience this has been for me. I went on this retreat thinking I would do a little yoga, eat some great food, enjoy a lot of relaxing and have some fun with a group of women. It was so very much more. The yoga with Marlee was wonderful and…

…perfect for all levels. The conversations Marlee and Barbie facilitated opened up a whole new world for me. I was able to reconnect with my inner-self and rediscover the 5 year old in me. I felt things awakening within me, that I had buried more years ago than I would like to acknowledge and I found a side of myself that I thought was gone. I feel like myself for the first time in many years. With the help of Barbie and Marlee and their beautiful souls, their compassion for each of us was truly magical. I have made a new sister Family that I would not have had, had I not gone on their retreat. If you get a chance, let Barbie practice Reiki on you. It opened areas I didn’t know where even clogged. Five Plus Stars and unending love and gratitude for this mother daughter team.” -Robyn H.

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“When I arrived there was so much fear in my heart, but when I left, that fear was replaced with so much love, confidence and more sisterhood than I could have ever dreamed of! I connected with woman I probably never would have met otherwise, and feel so blessed to now have these remarkable new friendships in my life! It was an amazing journey. Cheers!” - Sara

This retreat was beautifully led by Marlee and her mother Barbie. From their healing and open hearts, I’ve been brought to a place of peacefulness and liberation. They have taught me to embrace who I am in self love, they have taught me to have compassion with myself and to be gentle. They have given me a sense of how powerful and strong I am. They have given me the tools to open my heart and connect with the divine feminine. I plan on using this new found magic, and ripple effect it to other sisters far and wide, as I inhale their love and exhale love right back to them. In breath, we are still connected.

If you have the opportunity to attend a retreat with them, I highly recommend it. The magic they conjure together is extraordinarily beautiful, and the light they radiate is contagious. Love forever, your sister, Kristen xx

What would you say to someone considering coming on one of these retreats?

Do it! Do it for you! Do it for your inner Goddess who you may or may not have met yet! The journey you will travel will surprise you in ways you could never have imagined! Barbie and Marlee have such a unique ability to create magic and peace in every aspect of this retreat. From the packing list to the final ceremony, I was amazed at the care they took to honor each participant with true respect and love…

…Not one moment was planned without real intention to teach and inspire. In the most sincere and genuine way.  My favorite lesson I took away, which I have now shared with ALL my friends and family, is that: We must honor ourselves every day. And by honoring ourselves, we honor the whole. This concept of real peace is not as difficult when you are off in the French countryside where everything is incredibly beautiful and calm. Where you are truly “off the grid.” Then you come home and life has a way of getting crazy, because let’s face it, life isn’t always pretty and shiny. In fact, it can be downright hard and shitty. A lot! But when you can stop for a pause in all the crazy, and really breathe, and consider yourself for a moment, you tame that craziness. You are stronger. And with that strong energy you exude, whatever you’re facing seems less difficult, less awful. And those around you are calmer and better as well!

This is what I took away from my retreat! This power to be a better me! A stronger me! A woman who now knows how to breathe! 
AND the added gift of this amazing Yoga Retreat was the priceless bond of sisterhood between me every woman we traveled with!
I got closer with my own sister who I got to go away with, as well as the other 10 incredible women on this journey! We laughed (a lot), we cried (kind of a lot), and we connected on a very personal level that remains close even now! I would have never dreamed such a new world existed for me! I’m 53 years old, and our group ranged from 23-71! And we all bonded individually and as a group! Because each of us was open and because Marlee and Barbie guided us so fluidly through each day, the magic happened! I will treasure my Retreat as long as I live! And I would wholeheartedly recommend this to every woman I know! Simply honor yourself with the gift of this experience. It changed my life! For good”

-Karyn P.

Photography by: Brittney Guimond, @womynwithheart