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Join us for an epic weekend At Nirvana retreat centre

October 25-27th, 2019

Reclaim Your Radiance: Mother-Daughter Led Retreat for Women

Join Mother-Daughter Facilitator Duo, Marlee & Barbie Liss, for a 3-day journey to celebrate sisterhood, claim your power & cultivate self-love.

Are you ready to embrace your WHOLENESS, embody all aspects of the DIVINE FEMININE & celebrate your CYCLICAL NATURE?

This will be a DEEP DIVE into empowering embodiment and unconditional self-embrace, as we journey through the ancient archetypes of the TRIPLE GODDESS: The Maiden, Mother, and Crone



Within the structures of patriarchy, we are bombarded with messages that shame the natural cycles of the feminine. Within these confining narratives...

-The maiden is sexualized and objectified for her youthfulness and looked down upon for her naivety
-The mother is expected to self-sacrifice and put herself last, she is shamed for the changes in her body & judged for her need to rest
-The crone is faced with anti-aging narratives that normalize invisibility and disrespect, devaluing her experience and deeming her useless


ON THIS RETREAT, we will gather in sisterhood to RECLAIM THESE ARCHETYPES and to remember our innate power in all ages and stages…

-TOGETHER, we will REMEMBER the MEDICINE of the MAIDEN- celebrate your wild innocence and claim your sparkly-eyed enchantment in the springtime of your life

-We will RECLAIM the MEDICINE of the MOTHER- learn how to bridge Giving and Receiving, celebrate your sensual fullness, and claim your creative power in the summer of your life

-We will REJOICE in the MEDICINE of the CRONE- cultivate respect for elder wisdom, claim the inner teacher/ancient wisdom that lives within, shift your gaze & re-divine beauty as eternal in the winter of your life


Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness, Ecstatic Dance, Workshops on the Divine Feminine Archetypes, Goddess Photo Shoot, Sister Circles, Ritual for Healing the Mother Wound, Teachings on Sacred Sensuality & Body Love, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, & MORE!

Our retreat is taking place just one hour outside of Toronto at the Nirvana Retreats Center ( a beautiful 14 acre property in the Oak Ridges Morraine. The facility includes a sauna, swimming pond, walking trails, fire pit, yoga barn with mats and props, and more.


$525 CAD... Price includes ALL retreat activities, shared ACCOMMODATION in beautiful rooms & cabins, and gourmet local & organic vegetarian FOOD (Chef can accommodate dietary needs)

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We are a mother-daughter facilitator team facilitating local and international transformative retreats for women!

~ MARLEE'S life work is dedicated to celebrating body love, sisterhood, and sexual justice. A workshop facilitator and spiritual empowerment coach, she creates safe and transformative spaces by pulling from several areas of her life (education in social work, somatic sex education, body image & self-esteem, etc.) . She completed her Yoga Teacher Training after living on Yasodhara Ashram, which celebrates the Divine Feminine. Trained in various styles of yoga, she incorporates her energy healing, Reiki certification and dance background into her offerings. Marlee is the author and founder of the Re-Humanize movement, which challenges objectification and sexual violence through trauma-informed workshops, fundraisers, healing circles, and more. Learn More at

~ BARBIE is a heart-centred, energy healer who has been working with women to inspire empowerment and strength for over 13 years. Through her work, as a Reiki practitioner and life coach, she teaches women to reclaim their power and step into their truest, most radiant self. Barbie is proud to bring mindfulness and self-growth to a wide range of communities through her 1-on-1 energy healing services, women’s circles, and facilitated group programs. Her services inspire cultivation of self-love, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, self-care and nurturance, rewriting your story, affirmations for authentic living, reclaiming your warrior archetype, celebrating sisterhood, and more. Learn More at

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Please note, we welcome all woman-identified beings
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“This Yoga retreat changed my life!  I came home a different person and with several new sisters.  Not only am I relaxed and refreshed but I feel there is so much life has to offer that I was missing before – I only have to reach out to get it.  Marlee and Barbie enabled an environment of non-competition, love and caring for each of the other women as well as caring for ourselves.  All of us were from different backgrounds, ages from 20 to 71 (71 – that’s me) with all different interests, careers, home situations and ability to do Yoga. I came home full of love, feeling wonderful and ‘soft’ (if that is a way one can feel).  I love all of my new sisters, and I love everyone around me and I love myself.  This is the really big change.  I do love myself and I can even say it.  I have so much to learn and to give and to share.  I never understood this before.”

- Carol Grosh, Women’s Retreat in France, 2018

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